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If you had my blog bookmarked and you are all of a sudden seeing a totally new site, here is why!

X10hosting has amazing free hosting!

You can can do almost everything you can with paid hosting here, such as install a WordPress instance, add almost all WP plug-ins you can think of, really no limits to speak of etc. and on and on…

BUT, if you don’t log into the HOSTING panel (not WP-ADMIN) and check your account status at LEAST once a month, then your account gets suspended, and if you are like me, and you occasionally take a break from things, and you let things lapse in suspended mode for too long, they just delete your entire site!!!


Anyway, it’s all good, I did in fact lose a lot of work I had put into the last iteration of the website, but this is also causing me to try out something new.

I installed WordPress from scratch, using the default 2017 Theme, and just customizing what I can in the Theme Editor. I am not done customizing, but I have some major items taken care of.

I am hoping to get some of the useful information recovered from my local machine text and HTML files over the next few days, and what I cannot recover I will re-create as I rebuild the site.

Welcome back and I hope to see you comment where applicable and able to.

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