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Why is he egotistical?

He is one egotistical, introverted, self-centered a$$hole that doesn’t really care what others think. He does things his way, on his terms, when he feels like it.

Who? I – the webmaster Riccccardo!

In preparing to write up the About page, I decided that I would write one post for every major section of the About page. This way I will write at least one post per day, and I can focus on one subject at a time!

Let’s get to the first adjective:


The Free Dictionary defines Egotistical as:

  1. A conceited, boastful person.
  2. A selfish, self-centered person.

Dictionary.com  defines Egotistical as:

  1. pertaining to or characterized by egotism.
  2. given to talking about oneself; vain; boastful; opinionated.
  3. indifferent to the well-being of others; selfish.

Merriam-Webster defines Egotism as:

  1. aexcessive use of the first person singular personal pronoun
    bthe practice of talking about oneself too much
  2. an exaggerated sense of self-importance

In my case, it is the second definition I am talking about every time. My introverted side causes me not to talk about myself too much, really, but being selfish, self-centered, being indifferent to the well-being of others, and maybe just a little exaggeration of my own self-importance is what I am talking about.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about others, but only if I know them, or if I get to know them – otherwise, I could care less about them, or their lives.

There is is this concept that goes like this:

  • Circle of Control
  • Circle of Influence
  • Circle of Concern

I will get into this subject in another post, however, my above statements about being egotistical come from the first circle. I control my life, and my live only – it doesn’t matter how many laws mankind writes – the only true control is over yourself and your actions!

You might think mankind’s laws control you, but only if you let them control you. Realistically, these laws are just influence over your actions or emotions due to the consequences of such laws. If a law prevents you from growing a plant because the Powers-That-Be decided by law you should not be allowed to grow it, and it is punishable by 10 years in prison, then you will think very hard about the consequences, but if such plant may make your life better because you have painful, incurable cancer, and the plant allows you to function somewhat normal with much less pain, would you not decide to grow such plant anyway?

Laws only influence our actions, they do not control them!

Being egotistical just means that I behave self-centered, self-serving. I make sure that I listen to my body, I feed myself when I am hungry, I choose something sweet to eat if I feel my blood sugar critical slow, but I choose to eat healthy food if I just notice hunger pangs, but I don’t wait for other to decide they are hungry as well. I eat when and where I want, when I think I need to.

I choose to do my laundry when I notice I need laundry and the washer and dryer are available. I don’t think about any other laundry needing to be done, I just make sure I have clothes to wear to work on Monday morning, especially since I am the only full time income in my household.

These are called priorities. If I don’t have clean, decent clothes to wear, if I am weak and tired, and i perform my duties poorly, eventually this will be reflected in my performance reports and my ability to keep my job.

  • No job – no money!
  • No money – no bill paying!
  • No money – no food!
  • No money – no shelter!

These are all repercussions of not having priorities. Having priorities also leads to goal setting and task scheduling. Life planning. 

Some of these are lacking in my life – actually I am lacking a lot of them because I let my life control me via my emotions – and LACK of action!

This is something I have to work on!

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