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Network Marketing that works!

These days when people look for ways to make money on the internet, the global search engines throw a lot of different ways to make money at you… probably 75% or more is a bunch of crap, and of the remaining 25%, maybe 1% are achievable by the average joe internet user!

So many categories of money making opportunities exist, and when one does a search, it is overwhelming to say the least when the search results come back – but let me caution you of ANY opportunity that states you can make money for FREE?


Do you really think you can get money for FREE? There is usually some sort of catch-22 associated with FREE.

Take for example someone hosting a luncheon and all the food is FREE. Well, not really, they are buying YOUR TIME with food. You didn’t pay for the food, and by attending the luncheon you get to eat for free, HOWEVER, you have to attend the luncheon to begin with, and usually at least make it through to the lunch break to get the free lunch!!!

You know that old saying – time=money?

Supposedly Benjamin Franklin coined this term. It is a formula like EMC-Squared that is fundamental to human interaction… if we spend time to EARN money, then we can use that money to BUY someone else’s time, right?

So then the formula money=time holds true as well, correct?

Let’s just be blunt – there is no such thing as FREE – someone (a person) or something (an animal or a machine) expend time to generate money.

Okay, with this said, one of the categories that you will find in the search results I mentioned above is Network Marketing… this line of business is very old, and a tried and true way of generating an income… but WHAT is network marketing?

In a gist, you know a few people, and THEY know a few people, and those people know more people, some of which you might be acquainted to via work or via friends and family, and then the same hold true for all of their connections.


The marketing is simple. You pitch an idea to some of those people you KNOW, and maybe three to 5 of them follow through and pitch it to their network of people, and 3 to 5 of them pitch it to their network, etc.

You earn some income from each of your 3-5 connections, and so do they, so the money spend on the far end of the network comes up to you and eventually you earn some, too, via your efforts.


But it is not that simple for one reason – your friends and family probably expect you to share your knowledge or skills for FREE (not really free, they want you to DONATE YOUR TIME for their well being!!!). Not many are willing to pay you for your efforts!!!

Now, what network marketing companies have done is to remove the barrier of using your personal network, by helping you build a BUSINESS NETWORK of acquaintances (affiliates) – but the rest is still up to you. You still have to sell these people on the network and its value.

Now, this is where a lot of network marketing companies struggle – to provide member affiliates the tools to do the selling in such a way that it is fairly easy to learn the ropes and to implement the knowledge.

Strong Future International

One company that does this quite well, and you can do all the learning at no initial cost while building your knowledge and the first months rank, is Strong Future International Marketing Group (SFIMG), SFI for short.

They provide all the training someone may need to understand their system, and the basics to start making money at SFI is as follows:

Get to 1500 VersaPoints (VP) to make the rank of Executive Affiliate. With no active affiliates below you, this is the rank to be at and earn a little residual income from potential CoSponsored Affiliates (CSAs) and also a nice little income from the Executive Pool.

Rank of EA with 1500 VP is achievable purely with just the rewards from the training and doing some of the affiliate center tasks. In the following months, to retain this rank will take a little money (depending on how much time you can spend in the affiliate center, more time spent means less money to spend), but you will probably only get part of it back in commissions.

However, by now you will have active affiliates below you and get matching VP and some commissions from their own purchases to maintain EA Rank.

If you have active affiliates below you, it will only take a fraction more in cost to go to the next rank, Bronze Team Leader (BTL). I routinely get to BTL Rank for just a few dollars more per month, and I am getting a significant amount of it back from commissions and the Executive Pool shares.

Ideally, if you have 5 active affiliates that make it to EA every month, you should be able to bring home some money after paying for your own costs. If you have three that make BTL, you should come out ahead about the same, and probably will want to go up to Silver Team Leader (STL) if they have a good amount active affiliates below them.

So, if you are interested, and want to try out SFI, follow my sign-up link and become part of my down-stream team, either directly below me or one of my team members.

Once part of SFI, shoot me a message (check your Up-Line link) and tell me you signed up via this page and I will help you build your down-line team to get you up-and-running and profitable faster.


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