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SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group – SFIMG

SFIMG (or SFI for short) is an e-commerce and network marketing affiliate system, but it is so much more than just that. SFI caters to those that want to learn about network marketing, but being part of the ZING Network, it also offers a gaming platform with rewards in the form of Rewardical Tokens.

These same tokens are also rewarded as purchase Rewards at LocalVantia, and other ZING network programs. Rewardicals can be used to get extra TCredits to play bonus or additional games or to bid in Astro Auctions where you can potentially win awesome products or more TCredits.

Recently (May 2019), the affiliate system was also updated with a new, and simplified monetary reward system. For performing certain functions and making purchases and sales, you get Versa Points (VP) that buy you shares in the executive pool. For ever so many shares you get a piece of the pool funds.

If you make purchases, then your sponsor gets a portion of the commission, and gets a match on your VP generated, and if you make sales (as a sponsor), you earn that portion of the sales in your down-line and from external customers, and you get the matching VP, and in the case of external customers, all the VP this sale generates.

You basically get paid to build a team of like minded people that understand how this Zing network works (training is provided by the parent company SFI).

Another new feature is that vendors can buy advertising that is only displayed to active Zing network affiliates as they log into the Zing network to perform their daily functions. This ad network is comprised of mostly Zing members, but there are some external vendors that are part of the LocalVantia network (a sub-system of Zing) and even some of the older ECA vendors.

Currently is a good time to join, and if you are interested, you may use my link to my sign-up gateway here.

I have more to say about SFI, but I am tied up at work and need to update this page later… (updated 20190503.1225.CDT)